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Coconut water ...for plants?

Coconuts are one of the biggest seeds in the world and virtually impossible to break open without the right tools. Now look at it from a horticultural point of view: at some point during germination a young coconut palm shoot must burst through this shell, without the any help from the outside.


Surely the coconut must contain some powerful plant growth boosting properties inside to be able to do this. Imagine if we could somehow harness them? …Imagine if a pure, sustainable ingredient like coconut water could potentially change the way we grow?

The Benefits Are Proven!

Well, it turns out that research and horticulturists have proven that it absolutely does grow better plants - with results showing that plants grow up to 160% faster when coconut water is applied.


From tomatoes, to orchids, to periwinkle, coconut water has been proven to be so effective for boosting growth across a variety of plant types that even labs use it to help their tissue cultured plants grow faster.


The more you learn about how coconut water affects plant growth, the more you’ll question why you haven’t heard about this before.

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