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How to Grow Kiwifruit from Seed

I've heard that kiwifruit can be tricky to grow from seed.
Here's what I did to germinate some yummy golden kiwi seedlings.

What you'll need:

Paper towel
Container with lid (an old takeaway container is perfect)


STEP 1: Dry the seeds. Time: 2-7 days.

Get the kiwifruit seeds out of the fruit. Don't worry if there's a lot of flesh on the seeds - it will come off easily once the seeds are dry. Put the seeds onto a paper towel.

Most articles advise drying the seeds out for 2 days, so this was my intention. But, as always, I forgot about them. They stayed in there for about a week.


STEP 2: Refrigerate. Time: 2 months.

The formal word for this is "stratification" - which means to expose the seeds to cold for a length of time. Put a layer of perlite in your container, about 1cm deep. Fill with water to about .5mm deep (so that when you add the seeds they're not sitting in the water, but there's enough water to keep the humidity up). Add the seeds on top of the perlite. Put lid on the container and pop it in the back of your fridge. Don't forget to label the container so you know the date to take it out.

It's recommended you keep them cold for about 2 months.

NOTE: You can also use a paper towel instead of perlite.


STEP 3: Grow. Time 1-2 months.

Yay - the exciting part! Remove from fridge and pop somewhere warm and bright.




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