How often do I use Groconut?
Use every other watering during growing seasons (either exclusively or alongside your fertilising routine) to maximize nutrient uptake and supply bio-active sustenance for optimal growth.

Why can’t I use bottled coconut water from the shop?
Bottled coconut water is pasteurized, meaning it’s been through an extensive heating process which denatures and destroys the delicate phytohormones and nutrients that are responsible for activating growth.

Can I use water from a raw coconut instead?
Yes – you most definitely can! Young green coconuts are what we use to make the Groconut formula. However, the beneficial elements start to drastically reduce and the sugar content increases as the coconut turns from green to brown, so you’d need to get your hands on one that’s been freshly picked to see the best results.

What about the coconut water powders available at my local spice shop?
Check with the local spice shop to see who their suppliers are. In most instances, these coconut water powders are spray-dried which has similar effects to pasteurization – the delicate phytonutrients in the formula are destroyed. We use only the finest quality product which is fast freeze-dried to achieve it’s powder form. It is a lengthier and more intensive process but it allows the phytonutrients to stay intact and available for your plants to use.

What are the ratios?
40g of Groconut would make 1 litre of reconstructed coconut water. It’s recommended to use approx 20-40ml of undiluted coconut water to 1 litre of plain water, so you need approx 1-2 grams of Groconut powder per litre of water for best results.

What is the shelf life?
We recommend using the contents within 12 months after opening. Store in the fridge once opened for best results.