Complete with:
• 1 x Angel Wing Begonia (as pictured)
• 1 x Kent and Stowe Garden Snips
• 1 x 7m Gardman Twisty Tie
• 1 x 45g Groconut®

You’ll be set to grow your Begonia in the stunning Tamaya form, which is a beautiful display of cascading speckled leaves and coral flowers flowing above a perfectly vertical trunk. A perfect feature plant for any home!


Grow your own Begonia in the beautiful Tamaya form in 6 easy steps!

1. Plant Selection:
Make sure to select a cane begonia (a variety that naturally grows upwards) such as the Angel Wing variety. Their tendency to grow upwards with strong stems makes them the perfect candidate for growing in the Tamaya form. Adequate nutrition is crucial for the mother plant and has a direct impact on the rooting and recovery time of cuttings. Cuttings take time to develop roots and must rely on stored water and carbohydrates in the stems and leaves to provide the energy necessary to develop vigorous new root systems. Using a bioactive tonic like GROCONUT on the mother plant before taking a cutting will help flush out excess nitrogen and provide essential nutrients (like carbohydrates & calcium) which help to build healthy and strong plant tissues in your mother plant. 

2. Choosing a Cutting:
Once your mother plant is in optimal health, it’s time to choose a cutting. Identify some straight new growth from your begonia. A stem that has no lateral (side) growth will give a much neater and tidier appearance. 

3. Propagation:
We recommend the GROCONUT method of propagating (soak cutting in the GROCONUT solution, and pop into your medium). Artificial rooting hormones are also effective. Use a stake and twisty ties to secure the branch vertically, and keep humidity and warmth up until roots have formed.

4. Training:
Once fully rooted, training can begin. Remove any new lateral growth when it is young - this will minimize scarring. Only allow apical (the very top of the stem) to continue to grow. Use GROCONUT with every second water to help speed up the rate of apical growth. Trim away flower buds to ensure the plants energy is directed into growing upwards.

5. Shaping:
Once the plant has reached the desired height, prune the main growing tip out to cause it to branch. This will encourage lateral growth to grow outwards (as opposed to upwards). Let it grow to get to the length/width you want. 

6. Maintenance:
Prune any unwanted growth and trim away dead flowers at the base. Use GROCONUT with every second water to encourage optimal health. 


The begonia in our competition has an excellent root system and ready for Step 4 - Training! Make sure to enter on our Instagram page:


Good Luck!