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Coconut Water For Plant Growth: 3 Reasons Why Your Plants Will Benefit From It

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1. Faster Growth

Clinical research on coconut water and tomatoes dates back to the 1950's, with studies concluding that coconut water "acts as a potent stimulus to the growth and development of plant tissue."¹

More recent clinical studies show that Groconut's active ingredients speed up growth in propagation and in young plants. A huge variety of houseplants have been studied including ficus, philodendron, monstera, peperomia, pothos, calathea and more.

Coconut water works to boost growth by stimulating growth of foliage and roots through its phytohormones. It also contains amino acids, complex carbohydrates and micro-nutrients that are proven to contribute to faster, healthier plant development.


2. Reduced Risk of Plant Death

If you're familiar with biology, you'll know that every living thing is made up of living cells. Plants (like most other living organisms) use cell division for growth, maintenance and for the repair of cells and tissues.

Senescence is a process within a cell where it is no longer able to divide, either due to the aging process or from stress that has been triggered by external factors like over-watering or drought. Because cells that have undergone the process of senescence can no longer divide or grow, the affected areas of the plant will eventually die.

Groconut’s active ingredients contain properties that are proven to delay senescence.² This is particularly useful for helping plants that have been through stress (caused by things like over-watering, under-watering, sunburn, and transplanting) by giving them a better chance of recovery and survival.

There are many benefits to delaying senescence (plant death) in plants:

  • In houseplants and propagating plants it gives a plant more time to recover and produce new shoots that can grow before stress-induced plant death occurs (giving you a better chance of saving that expensive variegated monstera cutting that sat in the post for too long)!
  • In veggies and produce, plants that have delayed senescence will stay fresher for longer after being harvested - for tastier salads and less mushy lettuce at the bottom of your fridge!


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3. Impress Friends & Family With Better Homegrown Produce

Clinical studies in brassica (veggies like cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, kale and turnips), show that our active ingredients can:

  • Grow cabbages that are the same size and weight as cabbage grown with commercial liquid fertiliser³
  • Accelerate growth of brassica crops and can increase content of fiber, chlorophyll and vitamin C of produce⁴
  • Keep harvested fruit fresher for longer, due to the anti-senescence properties²


There are several more clinical benefits that we haven't covered here. Learn more on our website, or do your own research of the effects on coconut water on plant growth.

The more you learn about how coconut water affects plant growth, the more you’ll wonder why you haven’t heard about this before. The answer? Because other coconut waters don’t work for plant growth as their beneficial phytonutrients have been destroyed by pasteurization, and not everyone is lucky enough to have coconut palms growing nearby.

This is why we created Groconut - a product that is harvested and processed differently to other coconut waters to grow better plants with proven results.


Unfortunately the overuse of chemical fertilizer isn't kind to mother nature, so we've brought Groconut to the (potting) table to provide growers with an an effective alternative that's sourced ethically and sustainably.


Product Quality

Bottled coconut waters don't work for plants because of the pasteurization process. By processing our coconut water differently to the other brands, we can provide you with a product that really is beneficial for plant growth. To make sure you're always getting the best of the best, we regularly send our ingredients to a third party lab for testing.


60 Day Guarantee

Our product isn't just backed by us, there are stacks of clinical research and consumer reviews that prove the results as well. If you don’t see a difference in your plant's growth after 60 days of using Groconut, you can send it back for a full refund.*


Clinical Studies

Groconut's active ingredients have been scientifically proven to work to help grow plants faster. From veggies like tomatoes, to indoor plants like dracaena, to flowering ornamentals like orchids, our active ingredients have a notable effect on plant growth.