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Clinical Studies

Coconut Water and Tomato Propagation
“Coconut water gave maximum growth stimulation without toxicity to the root tissue”

“It is now well established that coconut water(CW), the liquid endosperm of Cocosnucifera L., acts as a potent stimulus to the growth and development of plant tissue”
“It is necessary for the growth of many callus tissues and has been shown to enhance the growth of many other types of tissues” 

El Hinnawy, E., Stegwe, D. (1970). The Growth Responses of Exercised Tomato Roots to Coconut Water. University of Amsterdam.


Coconut Water and Tomato Seedlings
In a study by Laguna National Institute of Biotechnology, the average shoot weight of tomato seedlings treated with coconut water was almost doubled and root mass was almost tripled in comparison to the control plants: 

Average shoot weight increased by 92%
Weight of shoot with coconut water applied: 6.53g

Weight of shoot with no coconut water applied: 3.3g

Average root weight increased by 169%

Weight of root with coconut water applied: 1.43g

Weight of root with no coconut water applied: 0.53g

“Root development in terms of calcium nitrate absorbed by the roots was significantly higher for the treated plants than the control.”

Mamaril J.C.; Lopez A.M.; Simbahan J.F.; Paner E.T.; [1994]. Effect of coconut water growth hormone extract (CWGH) on growth and development of tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum Mill.) under screenhouse conditions. Laguna (Philippines). National Inst. of Biotechnology and Applied Microbiology



Coconut Water and Periwinkle Plants:
“The plant growth hormones present in coconut water … can be used instead of synthetic plant growth regulators (PGRs) in MS media for micropropagation of Catharanthus roseus”

“Therefore, fresh coconut water extracted from coconut fruit can be used instead of synthetic plant growth regulators (PGR) in tissue culture of Catharanthus roseus and further research is needed to test its efficacy against micropropagation of other medicinal plants as a cost effective substitute for expensive synthetic plant growth hormones"



Coconut Water and Banana Plants
"The results indicated that, plant height, girth, leaf number and total leaf area of plantlets obtained from suckers treated with coconut water from fully matured dried fruits was significantly higher than that derived from suckers treated with distilled water and liquid endosperm formation stage."
"Plantlets generated from suckers treated with coconut water of all the different stages were bigger than that obtained from the distilled water treatment."

Mintah, L. O., Arhin L,. Ofosu-Anim, J., Nkansah G. O. (2018). Effect of coconut (Cocos nucifera L.) water of different fruit maturity stages on axillary bud initiation, growth and development of plantain (Musa AAB.) Forest and Horticultural Crops Research Centre-Kade.


Coconut Water and Brassica Plants:
"Results of the experiment revealed that formulated coconut water could be used as alternative fertilizer. The following were observed:
The formulated coconut water is comparable to the commercial liquid fertilizer based on the physico-chemical tests conducted;
Formulated coconut water is as effective as the commercial liquid fertilizer in terms of its effect on height, fresh weight, and number of leaves of pechay;
Commercial liquid fertilizer and formulated coconut water are almost comparable in terms of their effects on soil pH, soil organic matter, and soil available phosphorus. On the contrary, the effect of formulated coconut water on soil exchangeable K is greater than commercial liquid fertilizer which make it a very good source of K for growing plants and for soil deficient in soil K;
The formulated coconut water fertilizer cost less and it is as effective as commercial liquid fertilizer."


Coconut Water and Kiwifruit Propagation
"Kiwi seedlings showed significantly higher growth activity when treated with a coconut water solution than those that were not. Decay was also more rapid in plant shoots not treated with coconut water. The decay was reversed once the shoots were returned to the coconut water solution."
"It was also observed that the cultures, grown without coconut water, turned brown after four weeks and need to be transferred to the fresh media whereas the addition of coconut water to the media had made cultures to survive for 8 weeks."


Coconut Water and Cacao Seedlings
"Soaking time showed significant effect on the growth variables of cocoa (Theobroma cacao L.) seed such as plant height, number of leaf, stem diameter"

"Research by Ratnawati et al., (2013) shows that soaking cacao seeds (Theobroma cacao, L.) with young coconut water influences seed height and leaf area where immersion for 6 hours provides the best growth of cacao seedlings."

"Other studies have shown this hormone product from coconut water can increase soybean yield by 64%, peanuts by 15% and vegetables by 20-30%, and can stimulate flowering in orchids such as dendrobium and phalaenopsis"


Coconut water and Banana Propagation
"Coconut water alone or in combination with all the various IAA concentrations produced a significantly higher number of plantlets than the distilled water treatment. The number of plantlets produced from all the treatments was more than double that for the distilled water."

The Seed of Sustainability

Feeding your plants with coconut water increases nutrient uptake for less fertilizer chemical run-off into our oceans.


Product Quality

Bottled coconut waters don't work for plants because of they've been intensively heat treated. By processing our coconut water differently to traditional methods, we can provide you with a product that works!


60 Day Guarantee

Our product isn't just backed by us, there are stacks of clinical research and consumer reviews that prove the results as well. If you don’t see a difference in your plant's growth after 60 days of using Groconut, you can send it back for a full refund.*


Clinical Studies

Groconut's active ingredients have been scientifically proven to work to help grow plants faster. From veggies like tomatoes, to indoor plants like dracaena, to flowering ornamentals like orchids, our active ingredients have a notable effect on plant growth.