philodendron birkin variegation

• ½ – 1 tsp Groconut per litre of water* for foliar spray and regular soil flushes. Mix well. Use mixed solution immediately. Use Groconut with every other watering for best results.

• 1 tsp Groconut per litre of water* for use in propagation. Mix well, and leave cutting in solution for 30 minutes to 1 hour. Discard solution and put cutting in your choice of growth medium.

• Mix 1 tsp of Groconut per litre of quality new soil medium when repotting to reduce/prevent the effects of transplant shock.

*Distilled or rain water is advised. Tap water may contain chemicals that may alter the biological and chemical integrity. Use only as needed.

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Disclaimer: Although this product will be excellent for plants growing in your propagation box & plants that are still putting out new growth, many plants are heading into dormancy for winter. Please be aware that the use of fertilising products is not recommended in the winter season when plants are dormant. Contact us at with any queries – we would love to hear from you!