Grow with Groconut as an alternative to synthetic rooting stimulants and growth boosters. Use it exclusively, or alongside your fertilising routine. Studies show that plants fed with coconut water will be denser with bigger leaves and healthier root systems, 100% naturally.

Maximize uptake of nutrients
Stimulate cell enlargement resulting in leaf expansion
Encourage growth of lateral buds
Deeply condition the soil
Treat nutrient imbalances
Use as a rooting hormone in propagation

All Coconut Water powders contain free-flow agents due to their hygroscopic nature. We are proud to be providing NZ & Australia with the highest-quality formula with the least amount of free-flow agents – and that’s what makes our product work.

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Boost growth, propagate, treat nutrient deficiencies and reduce the effects of transplant shock all with one 100% pure, vegan and organic product.

Fresh coconut water from young green coconuts contains powerful bio-active nutrients that are scientifically proven to control and maximize the pace at which a plant will grow. Many of these delicate nutrients are easily destroyed by pasteurization – a process that nearly all coconut water products must go through to increase their shelf life.
Groconut’s formula is unpasteurized to maintain it’s biological & chemical integrity, and its versatility means you can use it instead of a rooting hormone for propagation, in hydroponic setups as a nutrient flush, as a foliar spray, or in a soil drench. It’s also beneficial for easing transplant shock and treating cases of nutrient overloads and deficiencies.
Use every other watering during growing seasons. Use exclusively or alongside your fertilising routine to maximize nutrient uptake and supply bio-active sustenance for optimal growth.

It’s a must-have staple for plant enthusiasts!

The results also showed that coconut water has comparable properties to commercial rooting hormones. Rooting characteristics of Rhizopora stylosa hypocotyls was enhanced when soaked in coconut water within 4-6 hours before planting … Aside from enhancing plant growth and development, coconut water can be utilized as alternative to synthetic plant growth hormones which is environmentally friendly and economically viable. It is very much recommended that gardeners and plant growers should utilized coconut water as root setting medium in growing ornamental and horticultural plants.
International Journal of Science and Research (IJSR) ISSN (Online): 2319-7064 Index Copernicus Value (2015): 78.96 | Impact Factor (2015): 6.391

“Results of the experiment revealed that formulated coconut water could be used as alternative fertilizer. The following were observed: (1) The formulated coconut water is comparable to the commercial liquid fertilizer based on the physico-chemical tests conducted; (2) Formulated coconut water is as effective as the commercial liquid fertilizer in terms of its effect on height, fresh weight, and number of leaves of pechay; (3) Commercial liquid fertilizer and formulated coconut water are almost comparable in terms of their effects on soil pH, soil organic matter, and soil available phosphorus.” Yong, Jean & Ge, Liya & Tan, Swee. (2011). THE COMPOSITION OF PLANT GROWTH REGULATORS IN COCONUT (COCOS NUCIFERA L.) WATER. 38th Plant Growth Regulation Society of America (2011) annual conference, At Chicago, USA.

Use Groconut with every other water for optimal results.
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It’s 100% backed by research – click here to learn more. If used correctly, coconut water will:
Stimulate cell division,
Stimulate morphogenesis (shoot initiation/bud formation) in tissue culture,
Stimulate the growth of lateral buds,
Stimulate leaf expansion resulting from cell enlargement,
Enhance stomatal opening in some species.

Read about the chemical composition of it here, or read below for some of the more common bio-active compounds that is naturally found in coconut water.

Auxins: If you’ve been hit with the propagation bug, it’s likely you know a bit about this hormone. It’s a naturally occurring hormone found in all plants and promotes cell division, root growth and stem enlargement. If applied in concentrated doses to the base of a cut when propagating, it increases the rate and vigor of its root formation. The water from a young green coconut contains very high amounts of auxin and is a safe, natural alternative to the synthetic rooting hormone available on the current market.
Cytokynins: Naturally occurring hormones in coconut water called cytokinins signal the root cells to divide and develop more roots (cytokinesis). This results in a plant that has more water and nutrient absorption availability, resulting in improved growth as the plant has the nutrients it needs to increase the girth and strength of the side branches. Stronger branches with larger and heavier flowers are the result.
The cytokinins are also essential in signaling faster cell division of new shoots and lateral shoots as well as stimulating the expansion of the plant’s leaves and promoting larger stomata in the leaves. When these features are combined, you can imagine the explosive growth pattern from using coconut water as an organic fertilizer. Faster growth pattern also means more harvested crops and several yields per year (if that’s something you’re into!).
Gibberellins: Another naturally occurring hormone in coconut water is gibberellic acid. It controls plant development, stimulates rapid stem and root growth, induces miotic division in the leaves of some plants, and increases seed germination rate. This hormone promotes growth and elongation in cells, and is regularly used in laboratories to trigger germination in seeds that would otherwise remain dormant. It is also widely used in the grape-growing industry as a hormone to induce the production of larger bundles and bigger grapes, as well as a growth replicator and a trigger to germinate seeds.
Rhizobacteria: These are root-associated bacteria that form symbiotic relationships with plants. This soil bacteria colonizes the roots of plants following inoculation onto seed and that enhances plant growth. According to a 2009 article in Current Science, the purity of coconut water makes it an ideal medium in which to grow a type of bacteria that is beneficial to plant propagation. Rhizobacteria exerts “a positive influence on the plant growth especially under stress conditions,” according to the article. Not only does this bacteria promote more rapid root formation but it is also able to control diseases that are caused by other bacteria and fungi.

Controlled propagation trial of a Hoya Carnosa with Groconut:
Specimen on the LEFT was propagated and watered with Groconut, Specimen on the RIGHT was propagated with water only. Both were grown in exactly the same conditions for seven days with the same medium (NZ sphagnum moss).